Saturday, 20 April 2019

Hanover Housing Project Brings Hope

MORE than 50 households will enjoy Christmas in the comfort of their new homes in Hanover, thanks to the Thembelihle Local Municipality, Pixley Ka Seme District and COGHSTA. A massive housing construction project which is due to benefit about 195 households, has began in three sections in Hanover, namely, the CBD, Ikhwezi south and west of Ikhwezi/Bornaderville.

The project, which will cost the Provincial Government a whopping R22million, started in earnest on September 2018 and is expected to come to an end in July 2019. According to Mziwekhaya Joka, Director of Community Services in Pixley Ka Seme, since the project has started in September 2018, about 52 houses are about to be completed. “So far 52 houses have been built up to the roof-level. We hope in the next week or so, before Christmas, roofing would have been put on the structure,” he said. With the rate that the project is going, it is possible that all the 195 houses will be built within the time frame, said Joka.

Joka said the majority of the people who are working in the project, are the locals. “With this project, most of our employed people in Hanover are able to put food on the table. The project has so far created employment for more than 100 people around here.” He said it was not only employment that the locals get to benefits, there is also skills development. “Upon completion of the housing project, together with the department of Economic Development and Tourism, we will make sure that all the people who are working in this project, register a cooperative and register with NHRBC and CIBD, so that they can be able to tender for big projects which will come their way.” Upon completion, the houses will benefit the elderly, the disabled and women, and a 5% is allocated to the youth. “We are having 18 young people who will benefit from the project,” he said.

Hanover, a small town in the Northern Cape Province, established in 1854.


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