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Change Kimberley Airport to Ulysses Gogi Modise Airport

05 June 2018
The African National Congress in the Northern Cape has taken up the call by the Airports Company South Africa for the renaming of the Kimberley Airport.  In transforming the Heritage landscape of the Province, we have proposed the renaming of the Kimberley Airport to reflect an inclusive and welcoming name. The Name of Ulysses Gogi Modise, a former MK Combatant, returnee from exile as well as a Community Activist. 
Comrade Ulysses Gogi Modise was born Julius Gogi Kgabegenyane on 23 December 1942 to Johannes and Miriam Saitsiwi Daniels Kgabegenyane in Kimberley in the Northern Cape. It was in the midst of this oppression of one by another that Comrade Gogi Modise took a conscious and voluntary decision to join the African National Congress (ANC).
He was one of the first youths from Kimberley to skip the country and join the ANC’s military wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK). He underwent military training in Lusaka, Zambia and became part of the Luthuli Detachment in 1967. Comrade Gogi collated information of the Struggle veterans and former MK combatants, including those who worked in the underground operations of the ANC in the Northern Cape. He endeavoured to create sustainable economic empowerment ventures for the stalwarts and veterans of the struggle. Comrade Gogi was awarded the Order of Mendi for Bravery in Silver. He passed away on 30 May 2007
We are urging members of the public to propose the name of Ulysses Gogi Modise as the name that will replace the Kimberley Airport. ACSA has given us until midnight on the 06 June 2018.
Deshi Ngxanga
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