Thursday, 18 August 2022

The ANC in the Northern Cape Wins By-Elections


The African National Congress ( ANC) in the Northern Cape won both by-elections that were held in the Nama Khoi and Gasegonyana Municipal areas yesterday. Both by-elections were fiercely contested by political parties, but the electorate came out in their numbers to ensure an overwhelming victory for the ANC in the respective wards. 

In Nama Khoi Ward 2, the ANC received 1012 votes, which represents 54,26% of the total votes that were casted. 

In Gasegonyana Ward 2, the ANC received 1329 votes, which represents 80,94% of the total votes that were casted. 

The results is evident that the ANC remains the only beacon of hope for the people of the Northern Cape. The electorate has placed their confidence and hope in the ANC to improve their lives and improve their living conditions. Yes, as the ANC we acknowledge that a lot still needs to be done to address the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality. We remain steadfast in our commitment, with the support of the electorate that we will achieve economic freedom in our lifetime. 

We would like to convey our sincere appreciation to all ANC supporters who came out to cast their vote for the ANC in the respective Wards. We would also like to thank all the ANC Volunteers for their commitment and dedication that ensured a landslide victory for the ANC. Lastly,  we would like to congratulate the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for conducting a free and fair by-elections with credible outcomes. The Elections is South Africa is a very important beacon of our hard won freedom in South Africa, which allows every citizen to participate in the democracy of our country. This lays a solid foundation for the ANC, as we approach the Local Government Elections 2021. 

Deshi Ngxanga

ANC Provincial Secretary.

Northern Cape Province



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