Thursday, 18 August 2022

ANC PEC Assists Mme Flatela to Publish and Launch her Book

BOOK LAUNCH: My Life, My Race, My Destination

Mme Nombi Flatela launched her book titled 'My Life, My Race, My Destination' at the Khotso Flatela Archives Repository in Kimberley, named after her son, Khotso Flatela who fled South Africa in March 1986 in an attempt to escape police harassment and died a year later.

A Professional nurse whose political involvement started when she was still a young adult. She had been very involved in ANC activities which at the time led to her arrest during the State of Emergency. She was working in the DESCOM which was a detainee’s support parents committee which used to help the children with funds who were in Bougroep and Transvaal Road. When the ANC was un-banned, She was one of the people who was called to organise for the Woman’s League and most of the branches she was part of launching in the Northern Cape.

Through the assistance of the ANC PEC Mme Flatela was able to publish her book, a great achievement for Mme Flatela.





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