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South Africans Continue to Show Confidence in the ANC

20 August 2018


The ANC takes note of the initial analysis of the IPSOS 2018 poll results, which shows ANC support amongst South Africans still around 60% of the voting population. It furthermore notes the high rating of its President and President of the Republic, cde Cyril Ramaphosa. This shows that despite the challenging period we are going through, the majority of people continue to have confidence in the ANC as representing their aspirations, their present and their future.


The concern that voters in the poll raise about leadership issues and perceptions of divisions in the ANC is a matter that the 54th National Conference instructed us to tackle. In this context, the National Working Committee and National Executive Committee are committed to the programme of Unity and Renewal, engaging with ANC structures as we did in North West, and putting in place structures for internal dispute resolution and the Integrity Commission, as per 54th National Conference resolutions.


We want to ensure all South African voters and ANC supporters in particular, with all humility that we hear their concerns, and thank them for their continued confidence in their movement.


It should be noted that this is a preliminary analysis of the wide-ranging IPSOS poll, and that we will continue to analyse the results.


Issued by the African National Congress



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