Thursday, 18 August 2022

The ANC Statement on the Court Judgement

The African National Congress in the Northern Cape welcomes the judgement made today in the Kimberley High Court in the case Eric Khotseng and others vs Dr. Z Saul and others. We are of the view that the court has once again vindicated the ANC constitution and has sent out a strong message to ANC members to abide by the resolution of the 54th National Conference, which was clear in terms of members of the ANC taking the it to court. We maintain that the courts should never be used to fight against any structure of the ANC, but rather we should exhaust all ANC processes. We would also further implore that any future litigations should not be an attempt at abuse of court processes in order to fight internal party-political battles

We call on all members and supporters of the ANC in the province to ensure that we work towards unifying the ANC in the Northern Cape. 

The first applicant’s application for renewal of membership would be dealt with in accordance with rule 4.4 of the ANC constitution which reads, ‘applications for membership shall be considered by the branch Executive Committee (where such exists) in consultation with the Branch General Meeting, and by the Regional Executive Committee, if no Branch Executive Committee Exists. The Branch Executive Committee, the Regional Executive Committee or such interim structures as the Provincial Executive Committee or the NEC may create from time to time to decide on applications, may accept or refuse any application for membership provided such acceptance or refusal is subject to review by the next higher organ of the ANC’, as his renewal of membership is not automatic.

Issued by the African National Congress- Northern Cape

Deshi Ngxanga

Provincial Secretary

Naledi Gaosekwe

Media Liaison Coordinator



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