Thursday, 18 August 2022

Statement on the Open Letter from the Namakwa Branches


The African National Congress in the Northern Cape has noted the letter circulating on social media purporting to be from branches in the Namakwa Region. The letter casts aspersions on the leadership of the ANC, in particular the Deputy Provincial Chairperson and the Provincial Secretary and we need to state it ourightly that as the ANC, we do not take kindly to letter and its contents. The letter has undertones of a divisive nature which we will not tolerate.

We need to make it clear that the RTT which was appointed, was appointed with the following mandate;

1. The RTT must work together with the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) to strengthen the program to Unite and Renew all structures of the ANC in the Namakwa Region.

2. Working together with the alliance partners (SACP, COSATU and SANCO), the RTT had the responsibility to strengthen the unity of the alliance.

3. The RTT had the responsibility to work together with the Provincial Organising unit to relaunch all the branches that were not in good standing and increase membership in each and every branch.

4. The RTT was also tasked to develop membership administration systems. In branches where there are parallel recruitment, the RTT needed to reconcile the membership and ensure safe storage and easy access of that membership.

5. The RTT needed to develop a recruitment campaign to increase the membership of the organisation in all branches.

Upon appointment of the RTT, the PEC resolved that at a time that will be resolved and communicated by the PEC, the RTT will work together with the PEC to prepare the region for its regional conference, this is where we find ourselves.

The PEC at its last special meeting resolved on a roadmap to the Regional Conference and resolved to convene the Regional conference from the 05-06 December 2019. The Provincial Secretary, also convenor of the region visited the region to communicate this message to the branches of the ANC.

We therefore call on all ANC members in the region to desist from causing divisions and to allow ANC processes to unfold peacefully. The ANC PEC will work together with the RTT to ensure that this conference is above board and that we use the conference to unite the comrades in the Namakwa region. We remain committed as the ANC PEC to the programme of uniting and renewing the ANC in the Province and we will not be deterred from this programme.

Issued by the African National Congress-Northern Cape

Deshi Ngxanga

Provincial Secretary

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