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Statement of the PEC Meeting

29 March 2018

The African National Congress in the Northern Cape held its ordinary Provincial Executive Committee meeting, yesterday 28th March 2018. The PEC meeting comes a day after the inaugural Provincial Elections Team(PET) meeting. The PET meeting was attended by PEC members of the ANC, the Chairpersons and Secretaries of our leagues, alliance partners as well as MDM formations. The ANC is now in the first phase, of the elections where we will be working towards an overwhelming victory during the upcoming General Elections in 2019.

The PEC observed a moment of silence for the late Comrade Charles Sechaba Setsubi, a former soldier of Umkhonto We Sizwe who acquired his training in Angola, Lesotho and the then USSR, was a refined military strategist and a Commissar of our National Liberation struggle. The meeting made a reflection on the importance of the month of March, we commemorate very important dates during this month. On the 21 March we commemorated the Sharpville Massacre where 69 people were killed. Disheartening to this is that 40 of the 69 people that were killed were shot in the back, a reflection that they were running away from the then apartheid police. This was also a turning point in the ANC as from 1960 the ANC was forced to operate underground, the ANC was declared illegal. As we commemorate the 58th Anniversary of the Sharpville massacre, it should always serve as a reminder that the freedom we enjoy today is cast in blood and sweat. On the 23rd of March we also commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the battle of Cuito Cuanavale which took place in 1988 in Angola. The battle of Cuito Cuanavale defeated the apartheid forces in defence of the Republic of Angola. The victory marked a turning point in the struggle for liberation. Yesterday we also commemorated the 30th Anniversary of SAYCO, a youth formation which kept the fires burning during the banning of the ANCYL.

The PEC resolved to resuscitate the Jack Simons Political School, the political school was initiated in 2013 and will this year be resuscitated. The PEC is of the view that it is important to strengthen the ideological and theoretical outlook of PEC members. The PEC reaffirms the dictum that asserts that “Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement” Vladimir Lenin

In its reflection of the state of the nation address the PEC noted the call by the President, Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa, to have lifestyle audits on all public representatives, the PEC is of the view that this has been a long-standing policy of the ANC and is please that it will now get actioned. The PEC is of the view that this will go a long way in ensuring that we fight corruption not only in the country but also in the province. The PEC has made a commitment to fight corruption, as it robs of the poor.


The PEC made a reflection on the state of the regions and resolved that the unity of our regions remains sacrosanct, the PEC noted that more work needs to be done in the regions to ensure that we stabilize the regions.


The PEC deliberated on the conference roadmap, the list conference will be held in September 2018 and the National cut-off date is the 30th May 2018. Regions are encouraged to get their branches ready to participate in the nomination process. Preparations of the audit processes will be initiated as early as April 2018.


The PEC noted that the training of BEC’s and new members remains a critical component of our cadre development programme. The PEC has also noted that many branches have not been inducted, as such the PEC resolved that to convene a training of trainers in May so that we prepare all Provincial and Regional Trainers.


This year the ANC will be celebrating the centenary of Mama Albertina Sisulu and Isithalandwe Nelson Mandela. The PEC resolved to hold memorial lectures throughout the year to celebrate the life and times of these two great leaders of the ANC. Dates will be communicated.

This weekend we will be celebrating the easter weekend, the ANC Chaplaincy will this weekend hold the Resurrection Sunday Service at the Tswelelelopele Correctional Centre in Kimberley this coming Sunday 01 April 2018. The service will start at 9am.

The ANC PEC wishes all those who will be celebrating well, may this Easter strengthen your inner being and fill you with unprecedented joy, renewed hope and God given peace and love. We urge those who will be travelling to their different destinations of worship, to visit their families or enjoy a weekend away to ensure that they remain alert on the roads, plan your trips such that you may have time to rest and ensure that you are buckled up so that you enjoy the time with your family, relatives and friends.

Issued by the African National Congress- Northern Cape

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