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Reflections on the first PEC anniversary.

16 May 2018
We have convened this media breakfast so that we can reflect on the work of the Provincial Executive Committee this past twelve months. We deem this necessary as the PEC just completed the first anniversary since the 08th Provincial Conference that took place on the 10 - 14 May 2017 in Colesburg. Time flies.
We can upfront mention that the PEC is united, intact and rock solid. We can further mention that the Northern Cape is firmly on track to reclaim its record as the most stable and united province of the ANC in the country. The 08th Provincial Conference took very progressive resolutions, which the PEC condensed as THREE DANGERS and FOUR IMPERATIVES.
2.1 The three dangers
The three dangers are the three things that the PEC agreed to avoid at all costs in its work to build the ANC in the province; which are:
• Divisions,
• Hammering of the image of the ANC, and 
• The vast socio-economic inequality.
The PEC committed itself to put a war against politics of divisions to ensure that there is a semblance of unity in the province. Over the past 12 months we embarked on a sustained programme for unity. We visited all our regions and met with all Regional Executive Committees and Branch Executive Committees to communicate our vision on building unity in the province. Building unity is not an event, but a difficult and protracted process that must be patiently sustained over a very long period of time. Our efforts are starting to yield positive results. The PEC remains committed to liquidate divisions within the ranks of the ANC in the Northern Cape.
Towards the 08th Provincial Conference last year the ANC in the country was going through difficult times. The revolutionary character of the ANC was sullied by allegations and perceptions of state capture, which were punctuated by daily allegations of runaway corruption. This situation was further compounded by the fierce leadership contest towards the 54th National Conference in Nasrec.
The integrity of the ANC took serious battering. Hence, the 08th Provincial Conference resolved that in the Northern Cape we must do anything within our power to salvage the image of the ANC. We can report, without any fear of contradictions, that this PEC did nothing over the past year that injured the integrity of the ANC.
We are confronted with difficult organisational questions, but in resolving them we always seek solutions that will enhance the image of the ANC. For example, the matured and measured manner with which the PEC dealt with the cabinet reshuffling in the province was highly commended and applauded by all including the ANC National Officials. In the past twelve months there is no single incident by the PEC that embarrassed the ANC in the province or the country.
South Africa has high levels of income inequality, which are punctuated by high levels of unemployment. The Northern Cape has the highest levels of unemployment and poverty in the country. More than 40% of the province's population does not know where their next meal will come from. We resolved in the 08th Provincial Conference and the 54th National Conference to embark on a programme for radical economic transformation.
We need political forthrightness to change the colonial structure of our economy in the province. The growth trajectory that renders the province an extraction point for raw material must come to an end, particularly in the agriculture, mining and alternative energy sectors. This commitment informed our engagement in Khathu last week with the Minister of Mineral Resources, comrade Gwede Mantashe. We need to strengthen manufacturing and other secondary economic activities to create more decent job opportunities in the province. With much greater focus and boldness we can achieve these objectives that will serve as catalysts for economic growth and job creation.
We also believe that if the radical policy of expropriation of land without compensation is implemented with greater efficiency that will contribute much in ensuring that the previously disadvantaged constitutes a critical layer in the economic mainstream of the country.
To ensure a stable democracy, the ANC needs to urgently attend to the challenge of land hunger. 
The National Government must not unduly delay the implementation of this policy, as that will generate market uncertainties and public impatience that will be counterproductive to our broader vision of job creation and fighting poverty. In this regard, we welcome the process to review of section 25 of the Constitution.
2.2 The four imperatives 
The four imperatives are four issues that the PEC agreed to immediately work towards achieving. The four imperatives identified by the PEC are:
• Building unity,
• Strengthening the political interface between the ANC and the Provincial Government,
• Fighting corruption, and 
• Cadre development.
The state of the ANC in the province is much better now than it was a year ago before the 08th Provincial Conference. This is because of the work and commitment of the PEC to build unity and strong organisational structures.
Soon after the 08th Provincial Conference we convened four Regional Conferences in the province. The processes towards the four Regional Conferences was comfortably smooth. Soon after the four Regional Conferences we had to take our provincial delegation to the 54th National Conference of the ANC.
The Northern Cape had the most united provincial delegation to the 54th National Conference. With regard to uniting the ANC in the province the PEC has made major strides:
• We have had four successful Regional Conferences, now there is a relative degree of stability in four of the five regions in the province. In Namakwa Region we are confronted with some organisational challenges, hence the PEC appointed a Regional Task Team to execute the work of building ANC structures in that region.
• We marshalled the most united provincial delegation to the 54th National Conference.
• There is currently significant growth of the ANC membership in the province from 35 000 to 42 000.
• Of the 208 ANC branches more than 190 are branches in good standing.
• Executed a smooth cabinet reshuffling that did not divide the party and broadly the people of the province. 
• There is much greater focus in the work of the leagues of the ANC in the province.
There are visible improvements in the management of the political interface between the ANC and the Provincial Government. Focusing on strengthening this relationship is crucial because we are one of the few provinces in the country where the Premier is not the leader of the ANC. There are mechanisms available to ensure that this relationship works and all the deployed comrades are held accountable by the ANC. 
There is an urgent need to intensify our fight against corruption. As the PEC we are not going to accept that money allocated for development and improvement of the quality of life of our people is corruptly redirected and thieved. We also appreciate the efforts by the ANC President to strengthen the law enforcement agencies in the country to deal specifically with organised crime.
During this second year we will intensify our work to build unity in the province and also to work tirelessly for an overwhelming majority victory of the ANC in 2019 general elections. We are now implementing the first phase of the election campaign which includes:
•Establishment of election structures. We have already converted all our ANC structures into election structures. We have appointed election coordinators in all sub-regions, branches and voting districts;
•All the tasks teams for the elections are in place and fully functional;
•Mobilisation of volunteers. We are in a process of mobilizing about 30 000 active volunteers for the 2019 general elections. Training for volunteers have already started. This Friday the President will be launching the Mandela/Sisulu ThumaMina Volunteers that will be followed by our provincial launch; 
•The Provincial List Committee is appointed; and
•We are also working towards a very vibrant Provincial List Conference. 
We are on course for an overwhelming majority victory in 2019 as there is a positive mood on the leadership of the ANC and new dawn. The opposition in the province is in total disarray and stand no chance against the election machinery of the ANC.
There is a court case pending, in which some ANC members are challenging the outcomes of the 08th Provincial Conference and the four Regional Conferences. We still believe that this legal challenge on the legitimacy of the PEC and the four RECs is frivolous and badly ill-informed. As the PEC we have full confidence in the judiciary and we are looking forward to the conclusion of this matter, the sooner the better. 
So far, significant progress has been made to ensure that this matter finally gets on the court roll for hearing. We are deeply disturbed after having established the identity of the people who are paying the legal costs for this case. This is a matter that we took up with the NEC and obviously there will be consequences for those deployees of the ANC involved in this. It is apparent that this case is not about the ANC members and processes, it's about a corrupt and greedy business interest that is deeply uncomfortable with the current PEC. 
Their vile intentions are to try to use the courts to install their own PEC as some form of a business investment. As the PEC, we will fight this parasitic business network tooth and nail to protect the public resources; which are meant for development of our province.
The PEC have full confidence in the work of the National Executive Committee (NEC). This PEC fully supports the NEC and we are very impressed by the work of the President to take the country forward. Our support for comrade Cyril Ramaphosa was never unconditional. We supported comrade Cyril for two things:
• to ensure the renewal of the ANC, which includes restoration of its integrity as a revolutionary movement, and 
• to put the country on a development trajectory to address the high income inequality, poverty and unemployment.
As the PEC we welcome the timely decision by the National Government to withdraw the South African ambassador to apartheid Israel. We urge the National Government to expel the apartheid Israel ambassador in South Africa. We further call for the immediate implementation of the 54th National Conference resolution for the downgrading of the diplomatic relations with apartheid Israel. We also call on the National Government to find means to directly support the struggles of the oppressed people of Palestine against this Zionist onslaught.
Our approach to international relations must be driven and guided by the value system that we believe in such as international solidarity, peace, human rights and democracy. Pragmatic consideration that seek to leverage economic or some political interests are crucial, but cannot outweigh our values.
We are of the view that the politics of brinkmanship by both Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu will plunge the Middle East into a major crisis, which has a full potential to spread throughout the world. The United Nations and other progressive multi-national formations must take a strong stance against the massacre committed by the Israel.
Issued by the African National Congress- Northern Cape
Deshi Ngxanga
Provincial Secretary
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Naledi Gaosekwe
Media Liaison Coordinator


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